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Princess Mononoke- Anime Review

I couldn't simply ignore my favorite Studio Ghibli movie for Favorites Month, Princess Mononoke. This movie has been my favorite anime movie for many years and only got beat out by Wolf Children, but this feature is still my favorite Ghibli movie.

The Plot

Ashitaka the last prince of his village fought off a boar god named Nago who was corrupted by an iron ball in his body. The prince won, but unfortunately he was cursed and had to be exiled from his village due to it. He was told before he left so as to find the truth he should head west where Nago came from.

His travels led him to an iron town where the iron ball was produced and that the town was at war with another boar god, and the forest spirit as they wanted the mountain lands the gods protected. The humans of the iron town want Ashitaka on their side as while his curse will kill him it gives him great strength, but that changes when he meets a girl who is raised by wolves named San who is helping to protect the land. What final truth will Ashitaka find and what side will he choose?

My Review

I truly still think this movie is amazing. It is one of the darkest of Studio Ghibli, but it has every right to be due to the story. I like the message as well where humans and nature have to work together and hatred and greed can destroy the balance. I also find the animation and story is near timeless and doesn't seem to have aged a year. This movie is a classic for many reasons, and if you have not seen this movie I'd like you to as it is worth every min of your time.

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