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Princess Tutu-Anime Review

Princess Tutu is not anime that would normally draw me from the title alone. I don't tend to like romance or ballet but thanks for me joining my high schools anime club I was introduced to this interesting anime.

Princess Tutu is not a real princess she is really a duck who fell in love with a prince from a story who lost his heart. The duck makes a deal with the story master who grants her a pendant that grants her the power to be a girl and transform into Princess Tutu to restore the prince's heart. The power comes at a cost she cannot tell the prince of her love for him as if she does she will turn into a speck of light and vanish; despite this she gives her all for a prince who will never know of her love.

This anime defies all expectations of its title and turns itself into a masterpiece of romance, tragedy, action, and fantasy. If you love any of those genres I highly recommend you give this watch. I'll give this anime an 10/10 for an extraordinary story with extraordinary characters.

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