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Quesadillas- Recipe Review

I found this cookbook at the thrift store and was curious what other kinds of recipes you can make besides basic cheese and chicken Quesadillas. There is not much to say on this book its only Quesadilla recipes.

Recipe 1: Caprese Style


sliced tomatoes

sliced fresh mozzarella

M. jack cheese


8-10in flour tortillas


Layer: M. Jack cheese, basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and then a final layer of M. Jack cheese.

Cook: In covered skillet for 1-2min turn over and cook for another 1-2min then slice and serve.

My Review: I don't care for the tomatoes and it is very hard to cook these in a skillet without burning them. The cheese is good though.

Recipe 2: The classic


shredded Cheddar cheese

shredded monterey jack cheese

crumbled queso fresco cheese(I couldn't find that but I found queso quesadilla cheese)

8-10in tortillas

3 large Anaheim peppers(I didn't use I don't like peppers)

I just threw this in the microwave but the official instructions are to do the skillet method.

My Review

I liked this much more, but then again this is a basic cheese quesadilla.

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