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Ramen Shepards Pie from Oodles & Oodles of Ramen Noodles Cookbook- Recipe Review

For those who aren't into romance how about weird recipes from weird cookbooks? Oodles and Oddles of Ramen Noodles is full of strange recipes where you add ramen noodles. I picked this recipe as I love Shepard's Pie so when I found"Ramen Shepherd's Pie" I had to try this strange addition to one of my favorite dinner dishes.

To make this crazy dish you will need:

1lb of ground beef

1 medium chopped onion

1 to 2 cloves of minced garlic

2 cups of frozen peas and carrots or corn

2 packages of beef flavor ramen noodles with 1 seasoning packet


1. In a skillet over medium heat cook the beef, onions and garlic until the beef is browned and onions are tender, drain and set aside.

2. In a medium saucepan bring 3 cups to a boil, stir in the 1 seasoning packet, save, or discard remaining packet. Break up noodles and add to boiling water. Cook for 3 minutes while stirring; drain well.

3. Transfer beef mixture into baking dish. Sprinkle veggies over mixture and then top with noodles. Bake for 10-15 min or until heated through.

My Review

This recipe is one of the most disappointing things I ever tried. You may just think that because it comes from a ramen noodle cookbook but no I had a ramen noodle recipe before and it was great. I hated this so much because it promised to taste like a Shepherd's Pie but it was just bland hardly any flavor but beef. I personally don't recommend this recipe at all unless you want to taste bland disappointment.

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