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Random Right Stuf Anime Mystery Box from Ebay- Mystery box Review

I decided to go on eBay to see if they had any mystery boxes that'd be interesting for an affordable price (This box was only $20 including shipping, many boxes are more than that). I found this anime one that someone apparently bought 3 mystery boxes on Right Stuff and got the same items each time and even added some items from his anime collection that he didn't want anymore(The name on the box said Matt W. so I know it's a guy). Figured this box seemed affordable and interesting enough to give it a shot. lets see what's inside!

Wow, 4 of these items are exactly what I got in my Right Stuf anime $20 mystery box(you can see what ones from my review last year). I guess there is 100% no variety in these boxes. I'm slightly interested in the 3 unknown items well the one in the box despite the obvious partial nudity. Was this box worth the $20 price?

Fruits Basket Sticker Collection- $6

Review: It's just a collection of stickers, temporary tattoos, and pictures of the zodiac characters with brief descriptions of them. This is a good set if you are a huge fan of Fruits Basket and love stickers and temporary tattoos of them but it's not for me.

Gothic Sports- $7.50

Review: This is a manga on goths who start a soccer team as the main soccer team at their school is anti-goth. This series was discontinued in America before the series was fully released so even if you get this you'll never know the true ending.

Dojin Work Collector's Pack- $6

Review: This is from an anime I'm not interested in seeing but it is interesting it has both manga and DVD in the set.

Re: Zero Japanese Import Wallet- $40?

Review: A nice well made wallet from an anime I never seen and I don't think I'd ever use as it has a nearly nude girl on the front of it.

Sword Art Online Suguha keychain from Crane King- $10?

Review: An cute I guess keychain, but I don't care for it.

Re: Zero plastic keychain- $5

Review: This is probably from a blind box due to its size but it is also a character I don't know.

Ai Yori Aoshi Pine Soundtrack- $5

Review: The show if I remember right was ok for a fanservice show but I don't think the soundtrack is worth keeping.

Total Value: $79.50?

While this box is worth the price there is nothing in here I'm going to keep. It was fun to unbox it though. If these items don't go straight to Ebay they will be going with me to my annual Anime Con in July Anime Midwest.

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