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Red Data Girl- Anime Review

We have finished the backlog of stuff from(a fictionalized) Japan's past. This series isn't in the past but still has a similar traditional aspect to it that I feel fits. This anime is another blind buy that I got at a con(Thanks again Okatu Joe) and the cover made me feel interested in it. Let's check out Red Data Girl.


Izumiko has always lived in a forest shrine due to her ability to destroy anything electrically charged. She is few if any friends due to this lifestyle and her shyness. Her life changes when she is sent to a boarding school for supernatural youths accompanied only by her guardian. She soon uncovers the truth that she is a vessel for a vengeful Goddess. Can she control her power or will she be the enemy of mankind?


The series is okay with school slice of life mixed with the supernatural of spirits and spells. Izumiko spends pretty much the entire series hellbent on trying to be normal when its obvious she isn't being a vessel, this can get tedious. Mizuki starts off hating his job to protect Izumiko, but he gradually changes his mindset. I think if this series had a more conclusive ending and explained more of the spirits and world building this would be a better series. As it is it's an average supernatural show with some good side characters. If you like spirits, spells, and possession then maybe it'll be worth a look into the world of Red Data Girl.

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