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Red Garden- Anime Review

I got this series in a Boxu-chan mystery box. I got this as I selected horror as one of my favorite genres. The box set also states it's from the same people who made the Hellsing anime. Will I like this anime that was recommended to me from a mystery box service?

The Story

Four girls Kate, Rachel, Rose and Claire all wake up not remembering the previous night and to an announcement that their friend Lise was found dead. It gets even weirder when that night they are told they are dead and must work for an organization Animus to find out who was behind their own death and Lise's. To do this they must fight monsters with superhuman abilities. They are given temporary bodies until they succeed in which case they will get to return to their original bodies and lives.

My Review

I thought this series wasn't very good. I couldn't get into the animation and I only liked a few characters. The story was good in the beginning, but it got worse at it went a long. I really liked the brother and sister enemy characters more then most of our main which didn't end well. I'd honestly recommend passing on this if you are a huge anime fan as this is more American animation with tragic girls who have no choice, but to fight monsters.

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