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Rescue Box June 2019- Mystery Box Review

Rescue Box is $29.99 a month (with prepay plans that can be as low as $23.45 a month) Each month donates 5 lbs of food and vaccinates 2 shelter pets. With this box you can spoil your own pet while helping homeless pets its a win-win. Let's see what this box has inside!

This month's, theme is better it was Summer in a box and I got flowers, smores and 4th of July colored toys. The only thing missing is treats, I got another bag of catnip.

Rescue Me Catnip

I already got this item before and the cats liked it okay as far as catnip goes.

Cat N Around Smores

Sanders: *licks and sniffs it then bats at it for a bit* Is this the smores humans like so much? Its ok

Luna: *sniffs it a bit uninterested*

Well 1 out of 2 cats seems to like it ok.

Flower Pot toy

Both: *sniff and look away uninterested*

The first full rejection on a Rescue Box Toy.

Catapiller kicker

Sanders: *sniffs and cuddles with it for a few min*

Luna: *sniffs then ignores it*

Firework Wand Toy

Both: *bat at it crazily*

Another winner though these 2 are known to like wand toys.

Overall Review

I do like the cat items are actually themed, but its a shame there was no bag of treats as it's interesting to see what unique treats there are for cats. I will likely get next months box, but the thrill is starting to wear off for both me and the cats.

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