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Rescue Box May 2019- Mystery Box Review

Rescue Box is $29.99 a month (with prepay plans that can be as low as $23.45 a month) Each month donates 5 lbs of food and vaccinates 2 shelter pets. Let's see what the 2nd Rescue Box has in store!

Included was a card claiming this was a beach themed, but I don't see it. Maybe, the dog version had beach stuff? But clearly the cat was left out in that theme not, that cats would go to the beach.

Cash and Coop Gym-(not found anywhere) Sanders: *sniffed it for 2 seconds then went to play with a kicker toy, after that he went to play with this thing*.

Luna: *rubs herself against it enjoying it*

The first toy is a hit let's see how they enjoy the rest. I guess this is supposed to be a rolled up yoga mat?

Purely Natural Beef Lung Treats- $4

Both:*chowed them, down as usual*

Once again, the treat is a hit but I'm unsure why they thought beef lung would sound tasty.

Rescue Made all Natural Catnip- $8

Sanders:*sniffing and licking the nip*

Luna:*rolls in the catnip*

I guess Rescue Box knows good catnip as this is the second time Sanders liked it and the first time for Luna

Bella's Blissful Hemp Pouch- $10

Luna:*wrestles around with it for a few *

Sanders:*sits by me on the couch*

Cash and Coop Balls- (not found)

Luna:*bats around and wrestles with the balls*

Sanders:*just sits by me on the couch*

These are the only things summer themed as they are citrus fruit balls

Total Value- $22+

Overall Review

Once again, the cats liked all the items in this box I think we'll keep this Rescue Box reviews going as long as they are a hit with the cats.

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