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RG Veda- Manga Review

When I saw this series at my library, I had to read this. I mean its CLAMP is the creator of Tsubasa, XxxHolic, X/1999, etc. I did once a long time ago watch the RG Veda movie, but it wasn't really all that compelling. This series also made a cameo in Tsubasa Chronicle, which did entice me so here we are reviewing it.


Lord Yasha and the mysterious child Asura travel around the land in search of the remaining 4 of the 6 stars. For if they are gathered as prophesied, they can finally defeat Taishakuten who has taken over Heaven's Throne. Unfortunately, not all prophecies will come true in the matter that is believed or even at all.


If you ever had great hope and then it was crushed into dust, you know exactly how I felt reading this. This series is depressing, tragic, and will feel as if your soul is being torn apart by the time you finish. The art style is so beautiful though that despite the blood and gore at times it looks amazing. In short, this is a beautiful yet dark series with a great story and characters. You truly feel for everyone in this story in the horrid lives they had under a tyrannical rule and you hope throughout the story things will be better for them. While this is one of CLAMP's early works, the storytelling and emotional impact is as good as ever for their series. If you know CLAMP works and like a tragic tale with hope then give this the attention it deserves.

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