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Right Stuf Anime Haul July 2018

This months Right Stuf Anime Haul theme is Music. All the items pictured are from anime that centers around or features music. I'm honestly not surprised I got a CD considering the theme this month. Now for the grand question of was this box worth it? Remember the price for the Right Stuf Anime Haul is $40.

Your Lie in April mug- $15

Sound of the Sky Blu-ray- $37.50

Kami Chu CD- $8

Hatsune Miku Acute manga- $11

School Idol Project blind box rubber keychain- $6

School Idol Project plastic keychain- $5

Total Value: $82.50

To be honest I don't know the anime of these items but I'm interested in the Blu-ray, the manga and likely the mug once I see Your lie in April. I will unfortunately not keep the cd as my new laptop(my previous laptop broke after my Mara Wilson book review) does not have a disc drive and nor do I have a cd player. I'm also not interested in the keychains but the 3 big items I'll likely keep are worth over what I paid for the box so again I recommend this box. Look forward for my review of next months theme!

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