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Romeo X Juliet- Anime Review

The next anime for the Month of Love is Romeo x Juliet based on the Shakespeare play. Romeo and Juliet is such a well known tragic love story that I just had to review the anime. This anime borrows elements from the play but adds its own fantasy elements and story to make this its own story as well.

The Plot

The house of Capulet ruled the floating island of Neo Verona until tragedy struck by the hands of the Leontes Montague. Leontes and his men murdered the royal family only the young girl Juliet managed to survive.

Years later, Leontes Montague rules the island with cruelty and destroys all who oppose him. His son Romeo couldn't be any different and is a kind young prince. The ruler Montague is not entirely unopposed as a stranger who calls themselves the "Red Whirlwind" causes trouble for the kingdom. This stranger turns out to be Juliet who meets and falls for Romeo at the Rose Ball, but with the king seeking to destroy the last Capulet and the house of Capulet planning a war against the king can Neo Verona ever find peace?

My Review

This anime was enjoyable as it was based on a famous story but set in a fantasy world. The anime also takes liberties and makes it, its own story with even a character based on William Shakespeare himself. I personally thought Juliet's character was great as she fights for the country's freedom not for revenge of her parents death. Romeo's character on the other hand was a nice sweet prince and had his story arc, but I didn't care for him as much, although I do see him as a good match for Juliet. I give this anime an 7/10.

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