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Saiyuki- Anime Review

I heard about this series from Greg Ayres himself at Anime Midwest last year. I told him I loved Deadman Wonderland and what anime he would recommend that he voiced, and he told me Saiyuki. I assumed he recommended this due to the fact Saiyuki is violent due to the DVD box cover I have (I have the same edition pictured, look at all that blood). I wanted to review this before going to Midwest(I did finish watching, but due to posting on the con this review posting was delayed) again in case Greg Ayres is there so I can tell him how I felt about it(this review is not sponsored and I don't know him personally I asked advice as a normal con goer as I'm a fan of his voice acting).

The Plot

In a world where demonkind and humans lived in peace, it was shattered when during attempts to bring back the Ox-Demon-King from the dead caused dark spiritual energy to spread across the land. The spiritual energy caused the demons to lose their minds to madness causing them to be violent. It is now up to 4(sorta) heroes to stop the resurrection and bring peace back to the land.

My Review

I was disappointed with this series. While it was nice to have flashbacks to know the main characters, I feel the journey was fairly repetitive of nearly every town or temple they stop at people are out to kill them, and they defeat them. Believe it or not this isn't the complete series as after the last ep of season 2, they are still heading west not having completed their goal. I have no intention of watching any of the other series of this show as it seems there are many squeals, and side stories and even prequels, sounds complicated on how to finish it not to mention I barely finished these 50. If you want to see an action anime version of The Journey to The West then you may like this.

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