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Sander's 6th Birthday Haul (Part 2 more small toys)

4. 2 Monster mylar toys

Sanders: *sniffing them confused* are these mutated crinkles? *when thrown chases them but doesn't bat them still confused on what they are* your like the crinkles I love but not.

Me: I figured he'd like them as he loves the original mylar balls but while he seems uncertain I'll keep them around, besides they are cute.

5. Mylar mouse

Sanders: CRINKLE!!*chases after it when thrown and bats it around the bathroom for several min.*

Me: They are mice made from crinkle material similar to that of a mylar ball so I figured they would be a hit. If your cat likes mylar balls I recommend trying these.

6. Catnip bags(comes in a pack of 2)

Sanders: *goes into bag and runs out second camera(on my phone) comes near 3 times* Flee from the camera! I refuse to get a mug shot from in this bag!

Luna: *goes in bag and when coming out pic is taken and glares at me* How dare you take a pic without my permission?

Me: I feel bad I couldn't get a pic of the birthday boy in it but ya this was a hit but then again what cat doesn't love going in a paper bag?

This concludes the small toys next up will be treats!

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