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Sander's 6th Birthday Haul (Part 3 treats)

These are the treats I got for Sanders they are all corn and wheat free and half of them are grain free. I don't like corn in cat food products because its just a cheap filler that doesn't do anything. Enough lecture on cat food lets review some treats!

Blue buffalo kitty cravings-chicken and salmon flavors

Sanders and Luna: *both gobble them down and then search the floor for more* TREATS!

Me: named protein (chicken for the chicken one and salmon for the salmon)is the first ingredient which is a plus for me and it contains brown rice, barley and oatmeal so if your cats have grain allergies I'd look elsewhere but they are pretty good.

Pet Greens Cat Craves -chicken

Sanders and Luna: *gobble them down as usual*

Me: Chicken is again the first ingredient but I have noticed this is made with a weird ingredient-maple syrup- why would that be in cat treats? The gimmick with this one is its made with wheat grass which cats are able to eat you can even buy pet greens wheat grass in plastic pots are pet stores. These are also made in the US.

Emerald pet Feline Dental treats -chicken and turducky flavors

Sanders and Luna: *more gobbling them down*

Me:These treats are grain free, dairy free, soy free made in the USA and are shaped like green goldfish crackers without the smile. I'd say these dental treats a good one to give a go if your cat has a sensitive stomach.

Whole life just one-chicken

Sanders and Luna: *chowing down*

Me: These treats are only 1 ingredient just freeze dried meat nothing more.

If your cat has allergies I recommend these they also have a salmon and cod ones as well if your cat is allergic to any meats. If you want more variety they make dog versions with the same 1 ingredient in more varied meats like beef and lamb. Since they are only 1 ingredient I'm sure our kitty friends will enjoy them fine even if the package says dog.

That wraps it up for the treats the next post will be treat puzzle toys. What is your cat favorite treats?

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