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Sander's 6th Birthday Haul (Part 4treat puzzle toys)

Alright we are finally down to the last part for Sander's birthday haul. Yes I know he is extremely spoiled at this point. It is now time for Sander's all time favorite type of toys the ones that give out treats!

1. the pink and white woven treat ball

Sanders: *rolls it around to get the treats out of the hole playing with it more with each treat that comes out* I get to play with my food!

Me:I found this one at a small pet store which is why it doesn't have a name. It has 2 holes for small treats to go into and fall out and a bell inside for attraction I think? I just don't see why it needs to have a bell when cats will play with it enough for the food inside.

2. Jackson Galaxy asteroid puzzle treat toy

Sanders:*played with it until every treat came out (about 10-15min)*

Me: The interesting thing on this toy is you can set different difficulty I only had 2 nubs pushed in and it took him a bit to work out to how get the treats but he was very patient in working it out. I'd start your cats off on easy and work your way up so your cat doesn't give up if your cat is known to quit easily. Also due to the soft rubber outside it attracts dust and hair like a magnet so make sure you clean it after every use.

3. Cat Amazing

Sanders:*works hard to get the treats out*I have to get the treats!

Me: This toy seems harder then the others I had but Sanders after awhile has figured out how to get them out but probably due to sheer determination to get the food. I like to think he enjoyed this item. I got it due to the high reviews on amazon the only thing is its all cardboard so I don't know how long this will last with heavy use.

5.Mad Scientist

Sanders:*took a awhile to figure out the toy and even seemed to give up at times*man I really have to work for food

Me: I like this toy it's sturdy and can change difficulty by having 1 big hole in the tubes or 3 small holes I did the big hole for his first time and even then he was having difficulty. I think this toy will last a long time for him as it won't get boring quick. The only downside is the instructions don't tell you how to put it together but I figured it out fine.

That is all for Sander's birthday this year I'll do a birthday haul next year and for Luna's 4th birthday in September. Thanks for reading and let me know if you want me to review more cat toys or treats!

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