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Santa's Husband-Book Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

You saw that right Santa is gay. Also I bet your guess is "he is the white guy right?", nope! He is the African American guy in this book he is Santa Claus, the white man is his husband.

Working at Open books (a non-profit book store that uses the book purchases to help kids read in Chicago) when I saw this book, I thought "ok this is interesting lets read it!". I read it and I thought it was interesting, entertaining, and funny. The Santa Claus in this book is married to a man we all thought was Santa, but that was the real Santa's husband who helps Santa with his work at the workshop along with the elves. Santa and his husband seem like a nice hard working couple, and I like that it shows a gay couple in a positive light and in a Christmas children's book no less.

I know there are parents out there who don't want their kids exposed to a gay couple but this is written so innocent that I say to give it a chance with an open mind you'll see this book is just as cute and innocent as the cover. The artwork fits this book very well and again give it a read even if just for the absurdity and the laughs. It's also not a hard read at only 32 pages and only a paragraph or so per page. Also who really know what Santa is like? Have you ever met him? Maybe he truly is a nice gay man who is married to his other half, you never know. I give this book a rating of 8/10 for making a fresh twist on the usual Santa story that is fun to read for adults and kids.

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