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Secrets of the Wolves By Dorothy Hearst

After the first book, I got a bit busy with life so now finally, we can look at book 2. Since book one ended on a great cliffhanger of the world hanging in the balance I imagine Secrets of the Wolves will get even better.


After Shattering the rules and exposing the lies, Kaala now has to face the course of her actions. She and the human girl TaLi have to work together to keep peace between wolves and human kind or everyone in the valley will be wiped out. Not only is the valley at stake, but her choices may affect all of wolfkind even those beyond the valley.


After reading book 2, I can't wait to finish book 3. While the first book in the series was a tad slow paced this one revealed so much more to the world of The Wolf Chronicles. Kaala discovers more secrets, even something that completely changes the way the wolves live. Unfortunately, she loses more pack members, but she can always depend on her friends and Tali. I also love we get to learn a lot about other packs and how they live, and how humans and wolves used to work together to hunt. If you have read the first entry, don't stop with this one go all the way to the final book.

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