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Shakugan No Shana- Anime Review

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

I have a bit of history with this series, but I have never completed watching it. I was introduced to this series during my high school anime club and thought it was interesting, but at the time I don't know if anime streaming existed so, I didn't really have a way to watch it(unless I wanted to buy the series). Tried to get myself to watch it a couple times, but I never got far and forgot about it until now.

The Plot

The world is a feeding ground for Crimson Denizens who are beings from another world who eat the life energy of people. People don't notice this and they often become torches who fade away in the coming days until everyone around them forgets their existence. To prevent more lives from being taken away, there are warriors called Flame Haze, one of which is called Shana. Shana runs into Yuuji who becomes a torch after being attacked by a Crimson Denizen.


I think this anime likes to put confusing words like Denizen and such when similar terms would be fine, to make it seem as if it's great world building. Not that the world it creates is bad, just tends to be confusing when you make up so many names for things it kind of drags the show to a stand still for explanation sessions. I'll be honest I only watched 1 season out of 3, but 1 was all I could take. I can't even make an "if you want" sentence this time because it's sound like a lie. This anime that seems interesting during the first few eps, but as it goes on it doesn't have much going for it.

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