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Shrine of the Morning Mist- Anime Review

I suspect at this point some of you may be getting bored of stories of shrines, and spirits of the past and present so, this series will be the last of this marathon. This set I found at an local video game and comic shop tucked away by some manga. Should this series have stayed hidden or is it a diamond in the rough?


Tadahiro Amatsu for as long as he can remember has one brown and one light hazel eye. His left eye holds a dark secret that is coveted by a masked sorcerer Ayatara Miramune and his demons. To combat the increasing demon attacks Yuzu Hieda, a priestess in training gets four other girls to help her. With Yuzu's elder sister training them, the girls must endure months to master their abilities.


This series was fun and enjoyable, but I didn't LOVE it. The characters were interesting, the magical powers were cool, but the ending seemed lacking. I'm not sure how to put it exactly just that it had all this build up and not much happens I guess. If you like priestesses, magic, demons then give this a watch maybe, you'll see something I don't.

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