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Shuga Chara Party! -Anime Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

I loved Shuga Chara! and Shugo Chara! Doki! which if you read my reviews of them I said it was a great children's anime even I a woman in her mid twenties enjoyed. Now what if we cut the time for the anime in half and filled it with cosplayers, chibi shorts, games, and fortune telling? You'd get the mess of a season called Shugo Chara! Party!

Each episode of this short 25 episode season starts with cosplayers dressing as Amu's character transformations greeting you as if you were 5 and stating that the whole half hour is Shugo Chara which is only semi-true as again only half the show is the main show. Then the theme song happens and it's a cross between a j-pop music video and an anime opening with more cos-players singing and dancing in between clips of the anime. Then, it's the Guardian Character shorts called Shugo Chara Pucchi Pucchi a 5 min short on just the Guardian Characters doing silly things unrelated to the main story. After that, the cosplayers from the intro either sing, do dance lessons, or play games; Finally, after another Shugo Chara Pucchi Pucchi short the main 10 min anime plays(which is called Shugo Chara Doki Doki!), but that is not the end of the show at the end of every episode they do a Shugo Egg fortune telling where you pick a colored egg, and you will get a vague fortune like "confess to your crush" or "you will lose something important".

The main anime is also not as exciting as there is no main enemy anymore since Easter stopped going after the Embryo, Ikuto one of the mains from both seasons is also gone traveling. All we have left is just cleansing X eggs, and a new girl named Rikka who can translate what the X eggs are saying, and hoards them in her home without telling Amu and the Guardians about this.

All in all its pretty disappointing after such great previous seasons. I would only watch this if you're interested in how the anime ends as you'll likely want to just skip to the main story if you don't want to watch the shorts. I will give this a rating of 5/10 due to only half of it being the Shugo Chara anime.

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