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Shugo Chara-Anime Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

"All kids have an egg in their soul, the egg of our hearts, our would be selves yet unseen" is what the anime tells us before the cute theme song. Now I bet you're thinking "this looks like a kiddie show", then you'd be right this is a children's anime but it is one of the best(that I have seen).

Our story begins with Hinamori Amu a girl who puts on a front of being as her classmates call her "cool and spicy"; When she is really quite shy and timid and is uncertain of herself. One night she wishes to change and to be a better person, so the next morning she finds 3 eggs in her bed. When they hatch she finds they are called Guardian Characters (or shugo chara). Guardian Characters appear before children who wish to change, or to truly follow their dreams no matter what. These cute little guys represent of what the kid wishes to be like(their would be selves). Amu's Guardian Characters are:

1. Ran- a sporty girl who cheers Amu on in matters of the heart. Her egg is pink with hearts

2. Miki- The artistic one who is calm and collected. Her egg has blue diamonds on it.

3. Su- The cute, girly, one who enjoys cooking and cleaning. Her egg has green clovers on it.

After Amu's eggs hatch it doesn't take long to catch the attention of The School Guardians (like a student council) who are all egg bearers themselves and who invite Amu to join them. Amu runs off at first as she is scared of what is expected of her but she eventually accepts their invite. From The School Guardians Amu finds out about X eggs(which is a dark version of their guardian characters that is created when a child is giving up their dream or doubting themselves on what they can do), that are being mass created by a sketchy company called Easter in their attempts to capture the Embryo(a magic egg that can grant any wish). It is up to Amu, and the fellow Guardians to cleanse the X eggs and stop Easter from getting their hands on the Embryo!

This anime maybe made for kids, but I love it, the characters are all interesting, the whole eggs being representations of dreams are great, and I easily binge watched all 51 episodes. I would call this anime a hidden gem as the only way to watch it is online. It sadly has not gotten an American release and at this point having been made in the mid 2000s I don't think it ever will. If you have a child, or a kid at heart I think you will enjoy this anime and its colorful cast of characters, I give this an 10/10.

Stay tuned for when I review the sequel series: Shugo Chara Doki, and Shugo Chara Party!

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