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Shugo Chara Doki! -Anime Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Shugo Chara Doki is a great follow up to Shugo Chara. The plot thickens and there is more new characters to love.

Doki continues right after Shugo Chara with a new girl who can create ?eggs which are created not by a kid giving up their dream but being torn between 2 dreams or confused on what they want. These eggs also transform the kid in question to represent their dream and not just the heart's egg like the x eggs. Amu and her fellow guardians will have to work hard to defeat 2 types of egg enemies now and stop Easter in their new scheme.

Easter's new scheme is take Ikuto from the previous season and use x egg energy to possess him into creating more x eggs. Being possessed, Ikuto has no choice but to attack ones he calls friends, create X eggs, and fellow Easter's every whim. This plan is to all again to capture the Embryo for their mysterious boss. Will Amu be able to save Ikuto from Easter's clutches and stop them again from getting the Embryo?

I feel this season tops the original in many ways, with new characters, the previous cast getting new developments, and higher stakes. Shugo Chara Doki is one of my favorite anime, and I'll gladly give it a rating of 10/10. A word of warning it is best to watch the original series before Doki as this is a direct sequel series, and you may miss important info without seeing the previous season. Once you have seen Shugo Chara please watch Doki you won't regret it!

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