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Silver Spoon- Anime Review

This is another anime I found on Netflix years ago(apparently it's still there now if you want to watch it). It is one of the few anime I recommended to my mom to watch but due to the subtitles she didn't watch much of it. If it ever got a dub I'd get her a set(if it's not released by Aniplex for $60 bucks a season where each season is only 11 eps). I mostly recommended it as it features horse riding and agriculture.

The Plot

Yugo Hachiken who suffers from pressure due to his parents wanted a school that was far and had a dorm Ooezo Agricultural High School(Ezono for short) fit both of the requirements. Ezono is an agriculture centered school mostly attended by children of farmers not a city slicker that doesn't even know where eggs come from. Yugo might have his work cut out for him in a school that has you wake up at 5am, raising farm animals, riding horses, and other labors of farm life.

My Review

This is a great educational anime if your interested in how food is grown and animals are raised for meat. It takes you into the lives of farmers from the small hobby farms to the big guys and this anime also has an episode on how cheese is made as well. The characters have great personality and vary from farm kids, to dreaming to being a vet, wanting to make cheese and even race horses. I never learned so much while having so much fun watching these great characters. The schools campus is huge but agriculture is a big world and this anime can only show so much of it in 22 eps. If you ever wanted to learn the food process all the way from the farm with great characters to show you the way then give Silver Spoon a shot!

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