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Sin- Anime Review

This movie is one of those you see on the shelf at the store, but for some reason you never get it as you want something more at the time. I saw the Sin movie in used video stores a lot but never gave it a chance for some reason. I finally got this as a seller on reddit had an anime movie bundle that included this and Wolf's Rain for cheap. Is this movie worth seeing or are you better off passing on it?


In the future, the city of Freeport with its rampant crime and graft is nearing to its collapse. The only thing stopping its destruction is the Hardcorps, led by Colonel John Blade. Blade must solve the series of recent kidnappings and SinTek is at the bottom of it. The leader and biochemist at SinTek has a plan that may save humanity or be its downfall.


This is a short sit clocking in at only around 60 min. To me, this movie was a anime 90s action flick, death, destruction. blood, guns, and saving a girl. I found the science fiction of the genetic mutations to be interesting, but I feel I barely knew any of the characters on either side by the time it was over. Honestly, the back of the box gives me more plot the movie itself. If you like 90's action mixed with science fiction in a fun size package give it a watch, it won't take much of your time.

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