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Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san- Anime Review

I would love to work at a bookshop, as I love books but as with all retail the customers can be crazy. Skull-face bookseller Honda-san is probably what working in retail is like if you never worked in retail, and I have for years, from the customers to the higher ups not sending in the right stock not a single day goes by without a dose of craziness.

The Plot

Skull-faced Bookseller Honda-san works in the manga section of a Japanese bookstore and hijinks ensue. Honda-san has to deal with customers, coworkers and even bosses in the chaos of maintaining a clean and well stocked bookstore.

My Review

If you love bookstores I suggest you give this a shot. The series is a quick watch at only 12 eps each running only 12 mins each so it is easy to finish in a matter of a few hours. Honda-san has a fun personality along with his fellow booksellers at a shop that specializes in comics and manga. I give this series a 9/10 for being a great series that shows the in crazy life of a retail worker with tons of comedy.

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