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Sonic Mania Plus- Switch Review

Let me throw this out for the world, the only Sonic games I ever played before this was the Sonic GBA games and Sonic Rush many years ago. I saw many YouTube reviews on this, and I had to give this a shot considering all the praise it got. Was it all hype?


This game takes place right after Sonic 3. As usual Sonic and friends team up to defeat Eggman.


To move you use the analong stick to move, A to jump, and down and A to spin dash through fast paced levels. Each level has at least 2 acts and you must survive the entire stage without a game over(losing all 3 of your lives) in order to get to the next stage.

Each character has different abilities but I just played as Sonic. Tails can fly, Knuckles can climb, Mighty can be immune to spikes, and Ray can glide.


I can't make a full review on this game unfortunately as I was unable to complete this game. I will say this game kicked my butt to Jupiter and back and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't beat the 4th zone boss(I was stuck on it for an whole week). I would say this is for people who likely have had more experience in Sonic as it is a celebration of the classic games, or people far better at high speed platformers then me. If you like Sonic and are quite good at fast paced game play then Sonic Mania maybe for you it was unfortunately not for me.

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