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Spice and Wolf- Anime Review

I loved this anime for years, I haven't seen it in many years since my obsession with this series. Of course, if you read my Okami review you will know I love wolves so it's amazing I didn't get to this series until now. Do I still like this as much as I did after all these years?

The Story

For many years Holo was a harvest goddess of a small village after she made a promise to a human boy. As the years pass the village no longer seems to believe or care for her so she decides to travel to her homeland up north. She does this by sneaking into Lawerence's cart who is a traveling merchant. He agrees to take her up north on a long and winding road they may lead to riches.

My Review

Spice and Wolf is not action packed its mostly a Journey through towns and trading with merchants and seeing interesting trade techniques. Holo and Lawrence are a great duo with Lawrence's merchant experience and Holo's knack on finding out lies and tricks these 2 are rarely in hot water. If you want a nice road trip anime with great scenery and characters, with a bit of fantasy then Spice and Wolf may be the apple of your eye.

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