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Spirit of the Wolves- Dorothy Hearst

I'm so excited to finally finish this series, thank goodness life isn't getting in the way of finishing this series this time. I'm still trying to get the hang of balancing my reviews more but between anime, video games and novels it's hard to have them regularly come out in a timely fashion. At least we won't need to wait long for this title. Let's check out the conclusion to the Wolf Chronicles.


14,000 years ago, Kaala was tasked to unite the humans and wolves together, she failed. She has one more chance. Leaving the valley with only her trusted packmates, a raven and her human Tali, they must travel beyond the valley to find her mother. Hopefully, in their travels they will find a solution to the problems of the humans, unfortunately they find powerful forces against them. Only by her strength and love for her human, raven, and wolf companions can Kaala hope to prevail.


I had a hard time finishing this series due to the ending I knew I would read. It's not a bad ending to the series far from it, but it is bittersweet. Kaala and her friends suffer but learn from their actions and that makes them relatable and strong characters. Azzuen is by far my favorite after reading everything, though Kaala is a close second and they are an amazing team who need each other to succeed.

I think this series is important to read today. The wolves may make a comeback, but the damage has been done. The world needs books like this that make us think on our past(yes these books are historical fiction, but my point stands) and what we can do to improve today. I do not mean to be preachy in a book review for that I'm sorry. If you ever wondered about the relationship of wolves and humans before dogs, but wanted a fantasy novel, I highly recommend this series.

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