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Stockholm Sodas- Food Review

I labeled this Stockholm Sodas because while besides the 2 state fair branded sodas they all have nothing in common besides where I got them, Stockholm, WI. I enjoy trying unique food and drinks and local bottled sodas are no different. These will all be quick food reviews as there isn't much to say on soda.

Frostie Green Apple Soda This one is bottled in MI and apparently they been around since 1939, even though I never heard of them. The green apple tastes like those caramel apple suckers, but without the caramel.

State Fair Soda: Rocket Bomb Pop State fair is a true local soda to me as apparently they are bottled in MN. I never heard of them until now but I do like the unique flavor options. Rocket Bomb Pop tastes exactly what it says it does, as if someone liquefied a rocket bomb pop.

State Fair Soda: Mini Doughnut Also owned by State fair and made in MN. Unfortunately, it was kind of bland but sweet and had no carbonation.

Better Brew: Wizards Ale Butterscotch cream soda Surprisingly, this was also bottled in MN, I did not expect that due to the fact it's clearly based off butter beer in the Harry Potter movies. It tasted exactly like I thought it would as if you're drinking a fizzy butterscotch. It was good I'd recommend it if you're ever curious about butter beer.

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