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Sudocats- Nintendo Switch Eshop Review

Let's do a small review this time. I came across this game because I was curious and wondered what kind of games that featured cats exist. Being a puzzle fan I got this game on sale for $1. Was it worth it and worth the full price at $3? Let's find out!


Just like Sudoku, Sudocats is played by having one of each cat in a 3 by 3 box and in each row and columns without any repeating. You do this by moving with the left joy stick and selecting with A and B for deselecting. You can use the touch screen for this game, but I don't like fingerprints on my switch screen so, controls are better. There are also power ups that can give you the right answer for up to 3 boxes that are given to you every level once unlocked.


The game only has 24 levels total, 12 main and 12 bonus. Each cat is designed well and easy to tell apart. As you beat levels, you can unlock tips on how to introduce real life cats. All in all it's a short, but sweet little game. It's a shame there aren't more levels as this could be a great time waster if it had 100 or so. As it is, I'd say it's worth the price I paid, but unless you really want to read cat tips I'd wait for a sale. If you love cats and Sudoku, this is a match made in heaven at the right price.

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