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Super Mario Maker 2- Switch game Review

I was cautious about this title after my review of the first Super Mario Maker for the 3DS and I didn't care to be chained to my apartment on a portable console. I can forgive the online required content more for the sequel as the Switch is a hybrid of both home and portable console. With new features and a new system will this one be the hit I was hoping for with the original?

Gameplay Modes

Story Mode

The Toads were building Princess Peach a new castle but unfortunately it was destroyed it is up to Mario to raise the funds to build it back.

To get coins to build the castle you have to complete jobs (mario levels). There is over 100 levels and this mode doesn't require any online connection to play the levels as they were created by Nintendo not other players.

Course World

This is the most well known mode of Super Mario Maker as it is the mode where you play and create custom Mario levels. You can now search courses with keywords, theme, and even type of game play making it much easier to find the course you want. The 5 course types you can make and play are Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros U and Super Mario 3D World. You can also rate courses with a "like" or a "boo" and comment on the courses with stamps and text. You can also play with friends in course world with Network Play with up to 3 friends. There is also the return of the challenge mode in Endless Challenge.

My Review

I did enjoy this much more then the original. The story mode was fun and creative and I found a lot of puzzle based levels that got me addicted to Course World. Currently I'm playing a lot of endless challenge on easy(I love video games, but not the best at them) and got on the global rankings. I hope this title will get further updates like the recent Zelda one where you can play as Link. If you even remotely liked the 1st than get the sequel.

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