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Super Mario Maker- 3DS Review

With Super Mario Maker 2 coming out in just a few weeks, I decided to take a look at Super Mario Maker 3DS. I heard and seen many good things(due to Youtubers) on Super Mario Maker for the Wii so I was curious how good the 3DS version was.


Super Mario maker consists of several incarnations of Mario games from the classic Super Mario Bros to New Super Mario Bros. The controls match each version of Mario so it is easy to pick up and play if you have played previous Mario games. There is a few different game modes in Super Mario Maker from making courses, playing other peoples courses, to Super Mario Challenges. Let's quickly cover each mode.

Mario Making Mode(wifi only)

You can use this mode to make and upload your own levels. Using elements from all 4 Mario games and even combining them to make unique levels. Many items are already available but to get more you have to play Super Mario Challenge.

Course World(wifi only)

This is the mode where you can explore levels people made, you can't search by the name only by level codes or just scrolling through the list.There is also no Nintendo courses like in the Wii and no level clearance rate is given for any level.

Super Mario Challenge

This is the only mode you can play without being connected to the internet(therefore the only mode you can easily play while on the go which I think is the point of a handheld game). The Super Mario Challenge's levels are made by Nintendo and you are given 10 lives to survive 18 worlds to save Princess Peach. If you game over you just start at the world you died in.

100 Mario Challenge(wifi only)

This mode is similar to Super Mario Challenge but you play levels creators made. If you complete it(in expert mode) you can unlock skins so when you crate a level you can play as Zelda or other Nintendo characters other then Mario.

Course Bot

To play levels on the go you can download them for course bot(the only way to play levels made by people on the go).

My Review

I did not care for this much as there was not much for you to do if you play on the go. I like playing my 3DS on trains and buses on my way to work, or traveling in Chicago, when I'm home I rather watch anime or movies. If you don't mind using your 3DS to sit at home with wifi, or draining your phones battery to make it a hotspot, to do 75% of the game then you may enjoy it more then I did. I do look forward to Mario Maker 2 for the Switch still despite this disappointment.

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