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Super Mario Party- Switch Review

I was excited to play and own this game since Peanut Butter Game play's play through. I loved Mario Party 7 on the GameCube, and I wanted to play another Mario Party title since. I didn't own any consoles until the Switch so when this came out it was finally my chance to play Mario Party again!


Mario Party Mode

If you played Mario Party games before you should know most of rules. You roll a die and move around the board gathering stars and at the end of each round there is a mini game to play for coins to buy stars. You want stars as the player with the most wins.

Super Mario Party lacks the 10 sided dice like previous titles this game as different dice for each character. You can also choose while playing instead of your character dice to play a basic dice or if you have an ally you can use their dice. After you roll, you can land on many types of spaces, blue spaces(to gain 3 coins), red coins(to lose coins), green spaces(random mini games, battle mini games, and special events on the board), and more.

After all 4 players go(computer or friends) a mini game happens.

The mini games(and the entire main game) is played with joy cons and games can be button based or motion based depending on the game. The games are more balanced as everyone, but the 4th place gets coins.

The goal is to buy the stars held by toadette for 10 coins(or more depending on the board). You must travel around the board to reach where the star is as its position changes after each star is bought.

When the game is over, there is bonus stars given to players who excelled in certain aspects of the game, the winner is the person who has the most stars and coins at the end of the game.

Other Game Modes

River Survival This game consists of a 4 player raft where the players have to work together to survive the river's challenges. You have to complete a 5,000 meter course before time goes out. In order to boost time you can collect time clocks that boost 1 to 5 seconds or mini game balloons to get time based on how well you do the mini game.

Partner Party This is similar to the original Mario Party, but you can go wherever you want on the board and are in 2 teams. Will you work together to get the stars or will you split up to cover more ground?

Sound Stage I did bad on this one I'm no good at rhythm games. This game mode has mini games where you do the right motion to the beat to win. Easy mode has 3 different games and Hard has 7 games you must beat to win the stage. If DDR and such is your thing then check this mode out!

Challenge Road This mode tests all your skills from the previous game modes. This mode can also only be unlocked after you played all the previous modes, but it is worth it to unlock the final 2 characters in the game.

My Review

I liked most of the game modes and loved the main Mario Party mode. I simply wish there would be DLC to get the boards and maybe characters from previous generations of Mario Party(rarely do I wish this but I feel to make it SUPER it'd need to do that). As it is its a great game with enough packed in to keep you, and your friends busy on new game modes or the classic Mario Party.

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