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That Wolf-boy is mine!-Manga Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

I never heard of this manga when I found it at Open Books, but when I saw it displayed on top of the manga section I had to have it. I'm honestly a sucker for stories on half human half wolf and wolves in general, so I bought volume 1 and 2-it was all Open books had- and took them home to read.

Our main character is not the cute guy on this manga cover her name is Komugi Kusunoki and after being an outcast at her school, and her mom having to travel to work for a year she ends up transferring to a new school in Hokkaido. She ends up sitting next to Yu Ogami-the guy on the cover of this manga image- who tells her "you smell good", not the first thing you want to hear from a random guy at school. He runs into him sleeping in the school yard after school and after she wakes him he turns into a wolf. Yu then asks her to keep the secret, and his friends try to hypnotize her into doing so.

The secret is Rin, Aoshi, and Senri are all animals who have the power to transform into humans, Rin is a fox, Aoshi a tanuki, and Senri is a 2 tailed cat. Yu is a half breed of a wolf with a human mother, and had to just control what state he is in, but due to being a half breed his mom abandoned him on Maruyama a mountain with spiritual powers to be cared for by transformed animals. They have managed to keep their secret due to the fact they can hypnotize humans into forgetting their true forms, unfortunately no matter how they tried they couldn't erase Komugi's memories, so they make her promise to keep their secret. Despite being threatened, Komugi gets close to Yu and manages to get along with the others.

The relationship between Komugi and Yu really makes you want to cheer them on and hope things work out even with forces against them. Yu himself is kind and happy despite his dark past though there maybe more to it and Komugi changes for the better throughout the series though even at the beginning she is a good character who wants to do the right thing but is scared of being judged.

I liked all the characters in the book and none of them even the minor ones seemed one sided and were given personality. The manga series is only 4 volumes(I ordered 3 and 4 through amazon) it's a short and sweet story between a wolf-boy and a girl. I give is series a 9/10 the only thing that made it a 9 was I wanted more than 4 volumes as I loved this story so much, It'll be on my bookshelf a long time.

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