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The Ancient Magus Bride- Anime Review

I subscribe to FUNimation Now and half of the ad on their website are for the pre order for part 2 Blu-ray DVD set of this anime. I also seen ads on RightStuf and even had people talk to me about this anime at last years' anime con so I'm curious on seeing this.

The Plot

Chise Hatori has had a hard life, being orphaned and an outcast by society she is despite for a new home. She decides to sell herself off at an auction and the highest bidder is a 7 ft tall Magus who will decide whether this choice was right or wrong.

My Review

I may have one a great fantasy romance with a mix of action and horror. I can see why so many liked this piece. I will say it helps that the relationship is more emotional one with our mains being 2 completely different ententes. The world of magic and having both Japanese and European influences on the creatures makes this anime both worldly and outer worldly. I'm unsure if I love this enough to own it at 50 bucks per part but it was a good watch. If you like fantasy, action, horror and a dash of romance then this multi-cultural anime maybe for you.

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