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The Bookshop Book By Jen Campbell- Book Review

I enjoyed Jen Campbell's previous books Weird Things Customers say in Bookshops, so I wanted to try The Bookshop Book. This book is about famous bookshops all across the world where you can go to buy books. I think it'd be a great book to read if I traveled to a place where a unique bookshop is.

What is it about?

The bookshop Book as previously stated features the most famous, unique, and strange bookshops around the world. This book also interviews authors to state their favorite bookshops.

My Review

If you love books then I highly recommend this one. This book gives great info on many bookshops from nearly every country, interviews from bookshop owners and authors, and even random book facts. I actually found a few bookshops mentioned that I plan to see in the future and, who knows maybe you'll see your next bookshop run listed in this book.

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