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The Boy and the Beast- Anime Review

I loved the Wolf Children movie so when I saw there was more movies from the same creator I had to see more of them. That is how I ended up finding and getting The Boy and the Beast.

The Plot

Kyuta an orphan boy from Shibuya, stumbles into the world of beasts he finds family and friend in a beast named Kumatetsu who wanted an apprentice. They slowly develop a close bond, but that bond will be tested when the human and beast worlds are thrown into chaos.

My Review

I loved how unpredictable it was going to be. The bond between Kyuta and Kumatetsu is rough, but an everlasting one. I liked the theme of darkness in your heart, but as long as you have someone who cares for you, you can overcome it. The worlds of the human and beasts, and the relationship between them are interesting. If you are a fan of the creator then this movie will not disappoint.

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