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The Cat who came for Christmas- Book Review

I found this book not long before Christmas at Open Books where I volunteer at. I love reading true stories on cats, so I gladly took this book home and read it.

The Plot

One day on a snowy Christmas Eve Cleveland Amory helps rescue a starving dirty cat from off the streets. He takes it into his apartment and gives it a bath in preparation for his new home, where he finds out it is a pure white cat. When it comes to giving him away, though he just can't seem to do it despite never having a cat before and is a certified dog lover.

As the year goes on he learns that cats don't like traveling, won't come when called and even the history of the feline species. Polar Bear the cat is named doesn't seem to also take to dogs, birds, and even other cats and is selective on who he likes, despite all this Cleveland loves this picky cat.

My Review

I enjoyed reading about the cat and Cleveland but I felt the book went on tangents away from the main story on Polar Bear and his owner too much. If you want to read lengthy chapters on history, seal clubbing, whaling and even celebrities, then you'll likely want to read some articles on those on your own and not while reading a cat story. The cat has tons of personality but with all the side tracking I feel like I didn't get enough of the story I came to read. I give this book a 5/10.

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