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The Devil is a Part-Timer- Anime Review

Did you ever think Satan will ever work part-time as a fast food joint? If you haven't then your more sane than this series premise. Devil is a Part Timer is exactly what you think it is. I heard many good things about this anime but can this anime be as good as it is crazy?

The Plot

Demon Lord Satan wants to take over the world of Ente Isla by using 4 generals to take over its four continents. The Hero Emilia kills 2 of his general so Satan and a remaining general Alciel use a gate to another world and end up in Tokyo, Japan.

The magic in our world is nearly non-existent so in order to survive Satan who calls himself Sadao Maou now, must blend into our society as humans. Sadao is able to get a part-time job, so they can afford an old apartment. Alciel unable to find a good job ends up a houseman. Soon The Hero Emilia and others travel to Japan and have to learn to adapt and not kill each other.

My Review

Devil is a Part-timer is a good short series, but it lacks a proper ending and with no season 2 in sight it is unsatisfying on where it ends. I enjoyed the short fun ride with fun characters, and the crazy premise of the devil working at a McDonalds(the show says MgRonalds). I give this anime an 6/10 for being a good time but with an unsatisfying ending.

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