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The Disastrous Life of Saiki K- Anime Review

I was requested to watch this from a reddit friend and since it was already on my to do list why not? This show has been one that I kept meaning to watch, but forgetting about simply because it looks so weird and seems to be nothing, but comedy. You know what they say though don't judge anime by its series box art.


Psychic powers do look fun and interesting to people that don't have them. For Saiki, though who processes many types of them, they are not a blessing, but a curse. As they constantly cause him problems all he longs for is an ordinary life.


The series is almost pure comedy with a very slight storyline so why do I like this more than most comedies? I'd say it's due 2 things, first each ep is technically only 5 min(there is about 5 3-5 min eps in 1 full episode) so, it doesn't stay on the same topic to long. The second is the power Saiki possesses and the diversity of other characters, no two episodes are the same in terms of problems and solutions. Saiki is also more often the "straight" man in the situations, he is also relatable in wanting to fit in but still be himself. If you like short and sweet school comedies, let Saiki drink have coffee jelly, and he'll show you a fun time.

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