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The Dog of Flanders(Movie)- Anime Review

It has been a long time coming to review this movie. This movie is one of my favorite anime movies. This movie is connected to the history of this blog as when I was thinking of becoming a youtuber this is the movie I wanted to review and tried to make a review video of, but after many hrs and the video only being less than halfway done, I was forced to admit defeat. I now admire those youtubers more thanks to the experience. Due to my failure to complete the review I didn't watch this movie since it is now time to bring this forgotten anime movie to light.

The Plot

Nello and his dog Patrash live together with Nello's grandpa in a tiny village by Antwerp. Nellos is a poor but hopeful boy who enjoys drawing ever since he saw pictures done by Rubens. His big chance arrives when a drawing contest is held for children and the prize is an expense free trip to an art school and have enough money for Nello and his grandpa to have a better life.

My Review

I love this movie so much despite the fact it makes me cry every time I see it. I may have only seen the dubbed version which I'm told is inferior to the original subbed uncut version, but as of now it is impossible to find the uncut version unless you own a VHS player and the VHS collectors edition. Despite the cut dubbed version, it is still an emotional and tragic tale, but one I will always cherish. It is unfortunate this movie has been lost to the sands of time when it is so amazing. If you can find a way to watch it dubbed or not you won't regret seeing this forgotten movie.

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