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The Dragon Heir By Cinda Chima- Book Review

This is the 3rd book in The Heir Chronicles. I have not read this book before so this is completely new territory. Will it be good? Will it be even better than the prequels? Or is this when the series will start going downhill? Read to find out.

The Plot

The Covenant to prevent future Wizard Wars has been stolen and now everyone in Trinity is preparing for future battles if not a war. Unfortunately, for Jason Haley, he will be excluded. He may not be powerful, but he wishes to fight along his friends.

Things change when he comes across The Dragonheart, a stone that sings to his very soul. He finds he is meant for more, than anyone could have guessed. Morality is questioned as the upcoming battle looms, what are the people of Trinity fighting for and what will they sacrifice for victory?


This was an amazing end to a trilogy. I have a feeling if Chima had her way and wasn't under the contract for 5 books, this would have been the end. As it is, it seems to be the end of Act 2(to me Act 1 was simply the first book and Act 2 was Wizard Heir and Dragon Heir). For an YA series, it went fairly dark for this one and I'm glad it didn't hold back. I wish I could say more on this book, but it is hard to without spoilers of the brutal battle of Trinity. If you have read the first 2, you must read this one, do not start here if you like my reviews as with any series it's best to start at the beginning.

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