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The Good Witch of the West- Anime Review

Fate decided I need 2 copies of this series. I got the first blind buying $1 DVDs during the Sentai Sale and the other as a blind trade with a fellow redditor. So considering the universe wants me to watch this so much I ended up with 2 why not see what magic is in store?


Firiel's life isn't quite normal as she is raised by caretakers due to her father studying in a tower all day with an apprentice. When she goes to a ball wearing her mother's necklace, she finds out she is the missing member of the royal family and an heir to the throne. Due to this, her life is in danger and her only hope is to learn the skills her rivals already know, at the same place as the bloodthirsty rivals no less! Will she be able to obtain an happy ending?


This series made the shelf, while it's not the best anime ever, I love a good compelling fantasy. Every character no matter how small stands out and is important to the story. Rune and Firiel, to me are one of the best couples, as they are equals and both protect one another. No one is doing all the saving. The plot has fantasy, science, twists, and never gets too complicated to follow. If you like a good fantasy story with interesting characters and plot then look no father.

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