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The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter- Book Review

Next up on my Harry Potter Reviewathon is the Magical Worlds of Harry Potter a book on the myths, and legends that inspired the series. I know many of the fantasy beasts are inspired by real legends and myths, same with broomstick riding but I'm curious what else there is to learn.

About the Book

This book shows the inspiring facts and legends that are behind the Harry Potter series. Not only there are beasts, but even behind the names of the characters, and real life equivalents to potions and magic there is in Harry Potter.

My Review

I enjoyed this book and I felt like I learned a lot on history, legends, and even some religion. This book is a great mix of Harry Potter and trivia and since I love both I found this to be a great book for me, and could be for you if you enjoy both as well.

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