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The Osamu Tezuka Story- Manga Review

If you're a fan of manga and anime, you have likely heard of Osamu Tezuka. He is named the God of Manga and has created works like Black Jack(my favorite), Astro Boy, and Buddha(the Buddha Bio. manga). He is amazing having spent over 40 years writing manga and over 500 series were created by him.

About the Book

The Osamu Tezuka book is a biography on Osamu Tezuka in manga format. It goes from birth, to how he got his start in manga to even his death. His life in its entirety is included in this giant manga book.

My Review

I found this story to be moving and very informative. The most amazing thing I found was he held a lecture at the Minneapolis Institute of Art(MN is the state I grew up in). Osamu Tezuka is an amazing person who made the first japanese animated tv series with Astro Boy and won many awards over his lifetime for many of his works and helped bring a great age of manga and anime. This biography is one of the best I ever read and it helps its manga style is inspired by Tezuka.

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