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The Physics of Christmas- Book Review

I found this book before Christmas hoping I could read it before I left for the holidays, unfortunately that didn't happen. When I found this book, I was quite interested in knowing the history and science of Christmas and if it is even possible for Santa to exist. This is not normally a book I read as I mostly read novels not non-fiction, but it stood out to me, so I gave it a read.

What is it about?

The Physics of Christmas is a book that uses scientific data to explain the happenings behind the holiday we call Christmas. This book covers sales techniques retail stores used to lure customers in to buy gifts, that include even using smells to get you into the mood to shop. The book also covers the history of Christmas like when was Jesus born, and how we got the traditions we got today. There is also chapters on the famous Santa Claus that cover how he can travel to over 200 million homes in one night, the flying reindeer and of course how is Rudolph's nose red?

My Review

I was intrigued from beginning to end, and while I was learning I was enjoying what I was learning. The only downside is the book can be pretty heavy on science babble and if I were to read it again I'd probably not read it from cover to cover but in smaller doses. If you ever wanted to know things about Christmas that involves science, math, and history then this may be the book for you, as for me I'll give it a 6/10 for being informative but can be a lot to take in at one time.

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