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The Samurai- Anime Review

If you are a review reader regular you will know I got this DVD in the Boxu-Chan Bizzare box. It was the only anime included and the only thing I can properly review. According to the reccomdation paper in Boxu-Chan it is a cheesy, silly dubbed ova. After the last anime I need silly.


Takeshi Chimatsuri is great with swords but sees a naked lady and he goes catatonic. Which is bad news for him as twin ninja girls are after an heirloom sword he possesses and aren't afraid to use their bodies as weapons to get it.


The story of this is insane, the characters are insane, but it has a nice ending after the insanity is over. This is one of those "don't question it" anime where things are so over the top that you have no choice, but to go with it. If you want silly, insane and makes little sense, give this a shot.

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