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The Science of Harry Potter- Book Review

Here is another Harry Potter trivia book for my Harry Potter Reviewathon. This is also the last book for this year so hopefully it isn't the worst. This one is all science based and not so much on inspirations of the series. Will this book inspire the scientist in you?

About The Book

Have you ever wondered if a flying broom can exist? How about, if there is such a thing as a truth potion? If you ever wondered scientific questions while reading the Harry Potter series then this book may answer your questions on how realistic the magical world really is.

My Review

This book is great it showed me science that is nearly magic and if we use our technology, we can make similar items to the world of Harry Potter. I will say if you aren't into extensive scientific knowledge then you may find the book a bit heavy. If you are into science and fantasy then you may find this book as informative as I did.

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