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The Tibetan Dog- Anime Review

This is another movie I got just for free shipping and a dog on a cover but this one seems to be the boy and his dog movie I thought I was going to get with the Spirit of the Sun. It also takes place in a place I rarely hear about Tibet.

The Plot

After his mom passed away, Tenzin has moved to the Tibet countryside to be a shepherd. As a young boy shepherd it is dangerous with wild animals and dogs, but luckily he befriends a golden Tibetan mastiff who helps protect him. In order to survive in the cruelty of the wild and man, the 2 must work together.

My Review

I enjoyed this one until the end because well it's a dog movie that's all you need to know. The dog itself was smart and brave and Tenzin while small and young never gave up when it came to the golden dog. It does come down to many dog movie tropes, despite the new setting, and starring a dog not many people hear about. If you like dog movies, but wanted one in Tibet and animated, it might be worth a watch.

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